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Natural Products

  • Natural products are becoming an important branch of our diversification in the valley
  • The Waikura valley provides optimum conditions for the production of natural products
  • New jobs have emerged trough this operation beyond what has traditionally been seen in the valley
Diversification has proven to be an important measure to make companies successful and more resilient. Our particular location has given rise to three pillars of our activities there. Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Products. These divisions help us to diversify risks as market turbulences, animal or plant diseases, natural disasters as fire or flooding or other events created by climate change.
As we are well positioned to produce “pure” Natural Products and we believe that such qualities will become more important in the future. We see Natural Products becoming a key part of our activities with significant growth potential. Through this new branch, four new full-time jobs have been created. Our goal is to keep most of the value chain in the valley. This means from production to processing and marketing. This also enables us to offer attractive varied jobs across our business and grow the community in the Waikura Valley.
The Waikura Valley offers the best conditions for the production of products that are as natural as possible. Our geographical location is characterized by two main features. Because of our remoteness from any industry, we have pure and good resources which are necessary for all our products. On the other hand, we are located between the sea and the Raukamara range, which gives us an above-average amount of rain.