About Us


Our Forestry department consists of a team of true professional’s, motivated to develop sustainable forests in an innovative way:

  • In all aspects of forestry, the Waikura Group has a strategic approach based on long term principles
  • We embody true sustainability in our forest management and our logging operations
  • To compete in global markets with our local product we use high end technology
  • The east coast spirit is fostered by our local and international team members
Since the beginning of the Waikura Group in 2012, strategic aims were defined to achieve long-term benefits. This gives everyone involved the opportunity to get the best results by being involved in sustainable forestry practices.
We care about our generation and the following. With the majority of the forest being located in the Waikura valley, our aim is to preserve the East Coast spirit by respecting regional traditions and employing local staff. Nevertheless, we try to benefit from ideas and technologies coming from all over the world.
The department is divided into a logging crew and a forest management team which is responsible for the strategic planning of our forests. To achieve great results for now and in the future, we rely on our experienced staff and cutting-edge equipment. As our plans are to create a long-lasting institution on the East Coast, we want to make sure that the coming generations will also profit from our practices.
To complete this objective, we attach a great importance to a sustainable work mentality by creating inspiring job opportunities, compensating our Co2 emissions, reducing pesticides, and using natural regrowth instead of replanting.